For a smaller town, abundance and variety color Manzanita things to do. Wake up for a morning hike, enjoy a gone-fishin’ excursion in the afternoon, walk the riverfront and historic downtown district, checking out the shops until you get hungry to have dinner at one of the Manzanita restaurant. Since you’re on the North Coast, the most popular Manzanita things to do revolve around the setting and natural environment. Hike the trails that lead you to breathtaking mountain and ocean views. Stroll around town and see Manzanita’s historic district.

The Nehalem River, its Bay and, of course, the Pacific Ocean offer a plethora of water activities, like boating, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and fishing. With the opportunity to catch Dungeness crab, chinook salmon, cutthroat trout and so much more, it’s easy to understand why fishing is one of the most popular activities in Manzanita. For some it’s a pastime, but for many it’s a livelihood. You can drop your line from a marina, take a charter fishing boat out into the open waters or even dig for clams in the bay.

Quirky Manzanita Things to Do

If you’re not as unenthusiastic about outdoor activities (are you really meant to be on the North Coast?) or just want a break on a windy, rainy day, you’ll have no trouble finding Manzanita things to do that don’t rely on the great outdoors. You can check out the fascinating inventory in the quirky shops. Treat yourself with a visit to a spa. Practice your swing at the golf course. Discover the town’s niche museums and organizations.

Explore Manzanita’s historic district. Rub elbows with locals farmers, artists, bakers, florists and more at farmers markets. Get a taste of the area’s culture by trying tours or tastings at wineries and breweries or through the farm-to-table experiences at the area’s restaurants. Check out any performance, festivals or other events that may be happening.