Lincoln City, Oregon, offers plenty that makes it a popular travel destination and beloved place to call home. When it comes to the majority of things to do in Lincoln City, Oregon, nature and arts dominate the scene. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, Devils Lake to the east, Siletz Bay in the south and Roads End State Recreation Site in the north, it’s no wonder that most of us are constantly finding ways to get outdoors and explore the area around Lincoln City, Oregon. When it comes to outdoor things to do in Lincoln City, Oregon, the sky’s the limit – and we mean that literally! Lincoln City, Oregon, is known as a kite-flying destination, thanks to its windy location on the 45th parallel. Beach activities draw plenty of attention too: Try combing through the sand for treasures, surfing or whale watching. The forests in and around the area also make hiking and biking along woodsy trails other enticing things to do in Lincoln City, Oregon. You can also use these activities as a way to visit Lincoln City, Oregon, attractions and other points of interest, such as Devils Lake State Park and Roads End State Recreation Site.

Explore Culture with Things to Do in Lincoln City, Oregon

Artists flock to Lincoln City, Oregon. With the beautiful sandy beaches, well-kept natural areas and sparkling bays, inspiration is around every corner. Discover the talent surrounding you when you go to art galleries, cultural centers, show exhibits and more. You’ll even have the chance to frequently meet many of the makers for yourself. You also have ample opportunity to develop your own creativity with classes and workshops where the experts share their craft and knowledge with you. Visiting musicians, artists and touring exhibitions also brings additional excitement to the things to do in Lincoln City, Oregon. A stream of various events, some annual and others spontaneous, invigorate the town with culture and energy from both local and faraway influences. See our listings below for the fun that awaits you in Lincoln City.