In Tillamook, one of the biggest decisions to make is where to eat. As far as many places on the North Coast go, Tillamook restaurants tend to fall on the more casual end of dining out. That said, however, you should be prepared to eat like a king or queen when you go to them. The trends that dominate Tillamook’s restaurant scene are farm-to-table menus and ingredients, an abundance of freshly caught seafood and plenty of personality. The wealth of agriculture and livestock producers, incomparable fishing industry, fertile soil for vineyards and the local passion for coffee roasting all influence Tillamook restaurants’ offerings.

It makes dining out an excellent, not to mention delicious, experience of connecting producers to consumers. More than connecting with the ones responsible for the food on your plate or brew in your glass, many Tillamook restaurants serve as a meeting ground for the locals in these communities. See the regulars lining up at the counters for their plates of oyster hash at breakfast or grabbing rounds with friends at their go-to evening spot for late night entertainment. Simply hang out at one for an authentic taste of the Tillamook lifestyle.

Taste the Area at Tillamook Restaurants

While those features may connect Tillamook restaurants to their area or to each other, you can still expect to find a lot of variety among them. There’s no shortage of casual joints for fish and chips, Tillamook dairy products and that classic Oregon clam chowder. When you’re ready to spice it up though – and sometimes that means quite literally – you’ll find flavors from Asia, Mexico, Italy at taquerias, pizzerias and more.

There’s even an Irish whiskey bar for when you’re looking to get your brogue on. Tillamook restaurants come in all shapes and sizes too. From decades-old seafood houses that stick to the classics or upscale eateries with flexing their culinary creativity, hip coffee shops or homey bakeries, places that attract a crowd before most people roll out of bed or others that maintain a thriving scene well into the night – you’ll find a Tillamook restaurant to satisfy whatever food and vibe you’re hungry for.