The Manzanita shopping scene is a delightful combination of local inspiration, coastal goods, mountain spirit, beach necessities and North Coast whimsy. With the numerous antiques stores, vintage dealers and emporium-like places, it doesn’t take much digging at all to find something surprising or intriguing that you never realized you needed – that is, until now. Explore the boutiques, antique stores, vintage shops, beach supplies stores and more. Enthuse over antique finds that range from fascinating trinkets to priceless treasures.

Release your children (or your inner child) in toy stores. Admire the talents of local artists at art galleries that showcase their work. Lose track of time when you browse through bookstores. Outfit yourself and your family for all of your beach, river and mountain activities. Heck, you can even outfit your dog too. In Manzanita, going out and running errands isn’t a chore – the independent and unique shops make it fun. You could easily spend a couple hours or even a day wandering in and out of all of them, getting lost in the worlds of novelties inside.

Escape Boredom at Manzanita Shops

Start your Manzanita shopping trip on Laneda Avenue, where you’ll find a collection of local shops, each with its own personality and something new to offer. Next, branch out to the retail options in the other Tri-Village towns of Nehalem and Wheeler. There you’ll find more North Coast influenced treasures and also the everyday essentials too.

Manzanita is an excellent place to gift shop for your friends and family, or if you’re a visitor, pick up souvenirs and keepsakes from your North Coast adventures. You’ll find plenty of specialty shops and gift stores here, each with products slightly different, so every shop you check out feels like its own experience. There are even a couple of cannabis dispensaries and stores for products here too.