Warrenton Heritage Museum

From left, Carol Snell, treasurer, and Diane Collier, vice chairwoman, at the Warrenton Heritage Museum.

The Warrenton Heritage Museum is the place to go to immerse yourself in the history of Warrenton.

Visitors can view a variety of historic photographs and artifacts from the city over the years. Diane Collier, the museum’s vice chairwoman, has been collecting old items and photos of her hometown since she was in grade school. “History is interesting,” Collier said. “That was my favorite subject in school.”

Prouty Lumber and Box Co.

Diane Collier points to a photograph taken July 12, 1932, of the Prouty Lumber and Box Co. in Warrenton.

Gilbert Gramson, a former Warrenton mayor and owner of Sandridge Construction, decided to offer his business’s building at 228 S. Main Ave. to house Collier’s extensive collection. Last summer, Collier and Carol Snell, the museum’s treasurer, set up the displays in the shop as the Warrenton Heritage Museum.

Collier said she doesn’t really know why she started collecting the historic photos, but said it could have to do with her own family’s long connection to the area. “My great, great grandfather was the last chief of the Clatsop Tribe,” Collier said. “His house was where the Warren House is now.”

Snell said there is so much to learn about Warrenton’s history.

Main Avenue

A historic photograph of Main Avenue in Warrenton is on display at the museum.

The museum includes an elegant dining table where visitors can sit and sift through photos from the town’s different communities, including Tansy Point and Flavel. The displays also include paintings, books, high school yearbooks, old city laws and more. “Without Diane having this I never would have known any of it,” Snell said.

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