David Licitra makes a cocktail at Carruthers in Astoria.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classy date night or a boozy brunch with friends, Carruthers has the cocktail for you.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Astoria, Carruthers is a high-end restaurant with an elegant, old-time feel and a friendly, small town staff. During the day, sunlight beams in through the window walls and provides an airy atmosphere. At night, twinkling lights and miniature lamps set the scene.

No matter the mood, the cocktail menu has the drink to match.

During the chillier evenings, warm up with a glass of pumpkin Autumn Mule or the classic Fireside, made with vodka or tequila, cocoa, cayenne and whipped cream.

If you’re craving a sip of summer, try out their Kentucky Relaxer, made with bourbon, lemon and light notes of lavender. If you just can’t decide, go for a personal favorite, the Blueberry Cucumber Gimlet, which comes with a sweet garnish and is almost as beautiful as it is tasty.

Cozy up to one of the glass fireplaces tucked in the corners, or step up to the marble bar at the center of the space. Enjoy the restaurant’s all-day happy hour, and explore their signature drink selection. The cocktail bartender, David Licitra, has been crafting specialty drinks since the restaurant opened in 2016 and has mastered the singular taste of Astoria.

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