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If you weren’t looking for it, you could easily miss River Mile 38 Brewing Co. The brewery, located near Elochoman Slough Marina, is just a minute or so away from downtown Cathlamet, Washington. Though the town is full of unique historical spots, stores and restaurants, the brewery is worth … Read more

Peter Pan Market & Deli has been a staple of the Astoria hilltop neighborhood since the late 1930s. Under new ownership from the early days of the pandemic, a group of neighbors took over the space in late summer 2020. Read more

Enjoyed across Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia for decades, bubble tea has made a splash across the West Coast in recent years. Made with a base of tea, ice and tapioca clusters, bubble tea — also called boba — can be served with or without milk and makes a memo… Read more

The food scene along the Long Beach Peninsula and North Coast is noted for its freshly caught seafood and locally crafted beer. However, plant-based eating has made a splash across the U.S. in recent years as foodies have transitioned away from meats, either eating less or giving it up altog… Read more

It’s always a treat to enjoy breakfast near the beach on the Long Beach Peninsula. Drive through town and you’ll notice a few options early in the morning — including Benson’s By The Beach, a brunch restaurant located in the heart of downtown. Read more


With the familiar sounds of regulars laughing, pots and pans clanging in the kitchen and the perked ears of TAPS Espresso Grub & Pub’s four- legged mascot, “Kai,” it’s impossible not to be enticed to sit down and stay a while. Read more

When you think of the tastes of the coast, fish and chips, chowder and hardy meals might come to mind. But there are also a bounty of flavors from cultures across the globe. You’ll find a sea of cuisines from places like Japan, Bosnia, Italy, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico and China. Our C… Read more

Food carts seem to appear almost everywhere you look up and down the North Coast. But no more so than in downtown Astoria, where a plethora of carts offer savory meals good anytime of the year. Our Coast visited a couple of the area’s food carts — some new, some well-established. This list i… Read more