High Life Adventure Park

Lily Valadez, 5, swings from tree stump to tree stump while exploring the kids area at the High Life Adventure Park aerial challenge course in Seaside.

If you’ve driven down U.S. Highway 101 through Seaside, a colossal birdhouse-like wood structure with a suspended kayak, large oak barrels and a seemingly-endless net of hanging ropes has likely caught your eye.

The High Life Adventure Park aerial challenge course is the North Coast’s premiere challenge course for all ages and abilities. Visitors get to shimmy their way across tightropes, swing on hanging logs and free fall from 40 feet in the air, all while safely harnessed to the structure. The course offers 30 platforms and more than 50 challenges for participants to explore.

Owners Dave and Lancey Larson opened the challenge course in March 2020 as a sister facility to the well-established High Life Adventures zipline tours in Warrenton. In January 2018, the duo bought the land where the challenge course sits today and used the logs milled from the location to build the course.

When you arrive, a trained professional gears you up with a safety harness and helmet and runs over procedures to ensure a safe adventure. Next, you pick one of three levels, with difficulty increasing as you move up. The ground level features tightropes, a giant spider web and swinging stumps that are just around a foot off the ground, making it perfect for children and less confident participants. The second level sits at 20 feet and the third at 40 feet with obstacles to challenge more daring climbers.

Hailey Hoffman is a visual journalist for The Astorian. Contact her at 971-704-1725 or hhoffman@dailyastorian.com

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