Clark's Tree

Runners pass by Clark's Tree on the Discovery Trail in Long Beach, Washington. 

The natural beauty surrounding the Discovery Trail is eye-catching on its own. But the addition of some public art pieces scattered along the trail have made it truly breathtaking.

Clark’s Tree is one of the best kept secrets of the Long Beach Peninsula. Ironically, if you walk about 30 minutes north of the Bolstad Avenue beach approach, the tall tree is impossible to miss. The tree is a life-size replica of the one Capt. William Clark reportedly carved while the Corps of Discovery traveled throughout the West.

Like its predecessor, the tree, which is actually a bronze sculpture, includes the carved message “Capt. William Clark November 19, 1805. By Land. U States 1804 & 1805.” The sculpture was created by artist Stanley Wanlass and was installed in 2003. The original tree lived until about 1900, before it was cut down by a road crew.

The walk to Clark’s Tree is about an hour round-trip. To get the best view of the tree, start your journey from the Bolstad Avenue beach approach and head north. Along the way, you’ll wind along the dunes, with views of the Pacific Ocean ranging in and out of view, depending on how high up you are.

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