Cannon Beach Escape Room

A pirate stands in the window of the Cannon Beach Escape Room. 

Cannon Beach is world-renowned for its natural beauty, local dining, shopping scene and outdoor activities. But for those rainy days, The Cannon Beach Escape Room offers a different kind of indoor attraction.

Located at 248 N. Spruce St., the escape room opened in 2017 to give families, couples and other small groups something fun and offbeat to do.

Groups can have between two to 10 players who get locked in a room where they have an hour to solve a variety of puzzles using hints and clues found within the space. If they’re successful, they find the key to escape.

The escape room is operating two rooms, each with a distinct theme. The easier of the two, “Escape from Camp Haystack,” is a camp-themed challenge where you are trapped in the camp director’s cabin for trying to pull a prank and have to escape without getting in trouble. Pirate lovers will be drawn to the more challenging room, “Escape from One-Eyed Jack,” where you are locked in the captain’s quarters and scheduled to walk the plank at dawn — unless you can follow the clues left behind by a rogue pirate and find a way out.

Filled with intrigue and mental stimulation, the escape room is good- old fashioned fun. This activity is appropriate for both adults and children, although parents and guardians are encouraged to use discretion for kids younger than 8 who might be scared by the pirate theme.

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