It is said that dogs are man’s best friend. They’re always ready to go and always happy for an adventure with their favorite humans. Whether on the Astoria Riverwalk or walking through Fort Clatsop, Fort Stevens State Park, Cullaby Lake or on the beach, the best hiking companion has four legs and never disappoints.

With so many new smells to explore, Fort Clatsop is the perfect destination to bring your favorite furry friend.

While dogs must be on a leash, the park is extremely dog-friendly, providing waste bags and having easy hiking trails that are perfect for seasoned or beginning hikers and dogs of any size.

While the rain, wind and fog frequently accompany winters on the coast, any Oregonian or native Pacific Northwesterner knows that a good pair of waterproof boots, jacket and a warm pair of pants are a necessity when doing anything outside.

With beautiful bridges looking over the Lewis and Clark River on the historic Netul Landing trail it’s hard to ignore the crisp smell of the wooded surroundings or the fresh winter rainfall. Take in notes of thick mud as ducks splash in the distance and enjoy the light mist that seems to never leave the coastal forests.

A good set of tennis shoes or hiking shoes are recommended, and a fresh and warm towel is also recommended for our four legged friend at the end of the journey as well.

With ears perked listening to all the scurrying and splashing critters, wet noses taking in all the forest smells and paws wet from exploring the forest floor, Fort Clatsop really is a trail for everyone.

Fort Stevens also offers great adventures for dogs. With endless miles of beaches and numerous trails to explore in Trestle Bay or the South Jetty, Fort Stevens State Park is also a gold mine of smells and adventures for our doggo friends.

The smell of the salty air and sea breeze on adventurous faces, and the feel of sand between the paws of exploring dogs, Fort Stevens offers it all for every adventure seeker out there, and is perfect for a sandy game of fetch.

But sometimes a hike or a trip to the beach just isn’t in the cards of busy daily schedules. Dog parks are always a great way to give dogs a fun mini adventure for the day.

The Gearhart Indoor Dog Park offers a unique place to play and stay dry. The Warrenton Dog Park at Carruthers Memorial Park is fenced and has separate areas for small and large dogs where they are free to run and play with friends their own size.

But regardless of if it is a trail, the beach or a park, what matters is making memories with the people and animals that mean the most.

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Catherine R. Lewis

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