By Patrick Alexander

Oregon Coast TODAY

For 80 years, the Surftides Resort has been building memories for visitors to Lincoln City. And the new team in charge of Mist, the resort’s onsite restaurant and lounge, aim to tap into that rich heritage to create a must-visit destination.

Manager Elliot Redman and Chef Jason Jobé took different paths through their hospitality careers but both ended up prizing the same attributes — quality, consistency and passion.

Jobé cut his culinary teeth in the hotels and casinos of Reno and also completed a whistle-stop tour of North American cuisine with a two-year stint on the American Orient Express, which transported passengers through the US and Canada in the lap of luxury.

At Mist, Jobé will be putting his experience to work with a revamp of all the restaurant’s menus — tweaking the offerings for breakfast and lunch, while rebuilding the dinner menu entirely for a more gourmet experience.

As befits the restaurant’s oceanfront location, Jobé aims to focus mainly on seafood, bringing in new ingredients such as Atlantic char, scallops, swordfish and even shark — the trick, he said, is not to overcook it.

“When we get rockin’ and rolling we’ll aim to have a seafood special and an appetizer special nightly,” he said.

A big fan of juicing and reducing, Jobé will enliven his dishes with a host of gastriques, beurre blancs and demi-glaces, made using fresh produce, sourced locally whenever possible.

“Most things are already made in house,” he said. “By the time I get done, everything will be made in house.”

The core seafood menu will be complemented by some steaks, chicken and pork, as well as prime rib on Fridays and Saturdays.

Jobé said he takes pride in attention to detail — respecting the ingredients and preparing them with proper culinary methods.

“It could be a cheeseburger to a $25-a-pound scallop,” he said, “I get the same excitement if it’s cooked properly and we are proud to serve it. It could be an over-easy egg. When it’s done to perfection, I get excited.”

Jobé’s addition to the breakfast and lunch menus will be available starting March 23, with the revamp of the lounge and dinner menus set to follow on April 18. Also starting in mid-April, lunch guests on a tight time frame will be able to choose from a list of “30 minutes guaranteed” meal options.

Plans for the lounge menu include a host of gourmet comfort food classics like hand-cut zucchini, chicken wings, sliders and fish tacos — available in a choice of halibut or cod, grilled or fried. Tostados and ceviche add a little south-of-the-border flair, while a range of baked potatoes cater to larger appetites, with options including meat-lovers’, nacho, artichoke and spinach, and fully loaded.

With stunning views of the ocean and Cascade Head paired with lodge-style décor, including a raised fire pit with handcrafted copper flue, the lounge is the perfect place to catch up with old friends or meet new ones.

“It’s a fun place,” said Manager Elliot Redman. “Very rarely do you come across a bar like this, especially with the fire pit, the live music on the weekends and the level of service that we bring.”

Redman, who comes to Mist with 25 years’ experience in restaurants, said the lounge has the added bonus of feeling like a well-kept secret — popular with locals who offer a warm welcome to visitors who wander in for a cocktail after a walk on the beach.

“The local regulars that we have are very welcoming,” he said. “The next thing you know, you’ve got banter from this side of the bar to that side of the bar.”

And there are no shortage of conversation starters, with a list of house cocktails that includes a cucumber margarita as well as the house special, the Mist — a mixture of strawberry vodka, triple sec and a unique lemonade that gives it a cloudy appearance.

Redman keeps the beer taps as Northwest as possible as well as focusing on Pacific Northwest wines

“We are just trying to celebrate the Northwest and how we live and do things out this way,” he said.

Entertainment in the lounge includes live music on Fridays and Saturdays, with performances from local acts and visiting artists.

And, whether in the restaurant or the bar, Redman said Mist aims to offer a warm welcome paired with a relaxed and stylish atmosphere.

“We take care of our guests from the moment they walk through the door and we treat them like family,” he said, adding: “It’s going to be an absolute blast. The plan for the summer is to have fun.”

Mist Restaurant and Lounge is located at the Surftides Resort, 2945 NW Jetty Avenue in Lincoln City, and is open for breakfast lunch and dinner daily from 8 am. For details or to make a reservation, call 541-994-3877.

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