By Patrick Alexander

Oregon Coast TODAY

As owners of PigFeathers BBQ and Twisted Snout Brewery, Stu and Becky Miller have spent years bringing together the twin pleasures of home-cooked food and handcrafted beer.

Now, the couple are bringing the two closer than ever before by expanding the brewery to both sides of their Main Street premises, with a revamped menu designed to pair perfectly with the brews on tap.

The move will see both sides of the building resplendent in the brewery’s bright, fresh yellow-and-green color scheme while an ever-changing menu will offer a mix of familiar barbecue favorites alongside a range of seasonal specials, sharable plates and more.

“People need a change from time to time,” Stu said. “We are keeping the items that people really love and venturing out to try and give people things they haven’t gotten before.”

New offerings on the menu include a hummus plate, a steak salad, chilli beans, sweet potato fries, and a range of new sandwiches bursting with fresh greens and gourmet meats, including Stu’s house-cured and smoked bacon and pork belly.

“We are offering pork belly sandwiches on a ciabatta roll with cucumber, house-made honey mustard and red onion,” Becky said. “It’s the best sandwich I have ever tasted.”

Other new options include a sirloin steak sandwich with fresh greens, hot steak sandwich served with Stu’s award-winning barbecue sauce, and a smoked sirloin French dip. Stu will also be putting his culinary prowess to work on crafting a house-made batter for fish and chips on Fridays.

And barbecue fans will still have plenty to choose from, with longstanding favorites including ribs, pulled pork, wings, and smoked chicken thighs staying on the menu, along with most of the restaurant’s signature burgers. The popular hammered chicken will also be sticking around, along with a deluxe club version that adds Swiss cheese and bacon.

In order to best display the shifting line up, Becky and Stu have ditched paper menus in favor of a chalkboard that allows customers to check out the day’s offerings and then order at the counter.

“It will allow us a little more creativity and fun,” Stu said. “Instead of being stuck to a menu, if something strikes us as being fun to do, we can just do it.”

To keep up with the specials, follow Twisted Snout Brewery on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where Becky regularly posts mouthwatering photos.

Social media is also a great way to keep tabs on what’s new on tap as Stu continues to dream up new brews to complement longstanding bestsellers such as the Twisted Snout IPA, the Honey Oatmeal Porker and the Raspberry Squeal.

Upcoming projects include a light-bodied IPA and a pale coffee stout as well as the return of the ever-popular Spruce Hog Ale, made with locally harvested spruce tips.

Alongside Stu’s brews, guest taps offer a rotating line up of creations from other breweries and cider houses, including the current Blackberry Cider from Bend’s Atlas Cider Co.

And guests will have even more time to sample all of the brewery’s offerings thanks to new late-night opening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

“When the restaurant closes, the pub side will stay open until as late as 11 or 12,” Becky said. “However long people are in there having fun.”

Alongside the craft brews, late-night guests can enjoy a range of appetizers including pulled pork tacos, shrimp tacos, shrimp ceviche, pulled pork nachos, beer sausages, and potstickers.

And for guests who want an alternative to beer or cider, Becky and Stu are proud to offer their newest creation — a session style cocktail made with sake rice wine instead of hard liquor. Stu said the fresh, crisp varieties from Oregon’s Momokawa Sake Brewery are the perfect basis for all kinds of cocktail favorites.

“It’s a neutral enough kind of alcohol where the other flavors are allowed to come through,” he said.

“And it’s not going to get you hammered,” Becky added.

And if sake does happen to get you into trouble one night it can also help set you right the following morning, with a sake bloody Mary on offer every Sunday — alongside a home-cured pork belly breakfast sandwich.

And while the beloved Pig Feathers logo, with its tattooed, sunglass-wearing pig, is no longer above the door, it will still be around — emblazoned on bottles of Stu’s barbecue sauces and rubs. And, with the couple working with a co-packer to ramp up production, you might soon see that distinctive porker smiling out at you from the shelves of your grocery store, too.

Becky said all the changes are keeping the couple energized and excited about taking their business to the next level.

“Both of us are creative people,” she said. “We like to have new projects that we are excited about.”

Twisted Snout Brewery is located at the south end of Main Street, Toledo, and is open from 11 am to 8 pm Sunday to Wednesday and from 11 am ’til late on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. For more information, go to

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