A pair of conservation groups will join forces to remove invasive species from the site of the former Pixieland amusement park just north of Lincoln City on Friday, June 21.

The MidCoast Watersheds Council and Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council will tackle Scotch broom, Himalayan blackberry, English ivy, laurel, fox glove and more to make make way for native trees and shrubs to establish themselves in the Salmon River Estuary.

Restoration work first began at Pixieland and Tamara Quays in 2007 after the US Forest Service acquired 97 acres of the former theme park and trailer community site. In addition to removing the structures associated with their former land uses, the forest service began work to restore the natural tidal hydrology and vegetation of the sites.

As a whole, the Salmon River Basin has seen restoration of estuarine marshes more complete than in any other Oregon estuary. While early homesteaders diked and drained most of the marshes in the estuary and converted them to livestock pastures, restoration projects reversed the unintended ill effects of these actions by removing dikes and re-establishing native marsh vegetation and tidal channels that provide crucial habitat for salmon at vulnerable life stages.

The work day will run from 10 am to 2 pm. To get to the site, take Fraser Road from Highway 101, about five miles north of Lincoln City.

For more information, including carpool options, contact Ari Blatt at ari@midcoastwc.org or 541-265-9195.

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