Reserve some time to see birds

Oswald West State Park is the gateway to the Cape Falcon Maine Reserve. Together, these areas create a corridor of conservation stretching from the land to three miles into the sea. This Friday, July 20, from 10 am to noon, members of the Friends of Cape Marine Reserve and the Audubon Society of Portland will lead a seebird science hike focusing on the recent community effort to monitor nesting seabirds within Oregon’s Marine Reserves.

Exploring this coastal edge, a story emerges shedding light on the interconnection between terrestrial and marine ecosystems. This stretch of coastline is brimming with energy and life: nesting seabirds, wind-swept landscapes, migrating whales, gliding pelicans, and ancient forests are all part of the story of this magical place.

The hike is an easy 2 mile round trip journey within Oswald West State Park. The first 100 feet of the trail descends down a steep, graveled trail then continues on a flat path to Devil’s Cauldron, Audubon’s seabird monitoring site, to view the remaining nesting cormorants. The hike will continue on through a coastal meadow and various forest environments before heading back to the starting location. The main part of the trail has a fence keeping hikers from the edge.

This event is part of the Explore Nature Tillamook Coast series of hikes, walks, paddles and outdoor adventures and is family friendly. Learn more at Direct questions to or 541-231-8041.

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