Susan Jones

Jones’ hard-to-miss reed jellyfish are a new creation birthed after she was forced to take a decade off from weaving due to vision issues. A few successful surgeries later, she was able to get back to the baskets, but found her vision for them had changed. In the middle of a basket project one day, she hung it upside down from a plant hook, and a new design was born.

“I call them the Medusa Magic baskets,” she said. “There is a jellyfish life stage called the Medusa stage, and since it was a happy accident, I added the magic part.”

House of Resource

Josh Dossett and Ruth Waddy, both full time artists, find inspiration in each other’s works while still keeping their projects unique. Ruth, who finds her husband’s ceramics inspiring, began integrating scraps from his projects into jewelry made with recycled metals.

Josh developed his style of “flashy glazes and swirls of color,” since graduating art school.

“It’s unpredictable,” Ruth said. “But it almost always comes out really neat.”

“Ruth’s upcycled creations are on a whole other level,” Josh added

You can view the couple’s work at

Tindall Farms

You won’t find the usual fare at this small but vibrant farm booth. Much of the produce, grown following organic practices though not certified organic, is listed as endangered.

The farm specializes in seed saving and cultivating rare varieties, offering fruit and vegetables that you won’t see at any other farm stands in Oregon.

Shoppers will find fruit like the Noir des Carmes melon, a French heirloom cantaloupe, also called the Black Rock melon, which produces sweet, aromatic orange flesh and has a rind that changes colors from almost black to orange when ripe.

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