Rock-et science

Laura Joki

Wait — is that a typo? Nope; Lincoln City has double-checked everything about its new series of outdoor offerings, dubbed Lincoln City Exploriences.

Combining the thrill of exploring with the appeal of unique travel experiences, this series of free, hands-on learning events aims to provide visitors with a richer experience during their time at the coast.

The current series of Beachcombing Exploriences invite guests to unearth treasures from the Pacific as they hunt for gemstones, agates, jasper, petrified wood and other coastal jewels all under the supervision of a local expert.

The Beachcombing Exploriences are led by Laura Joki, a certified Guide & Outfitters Recognized Professional and owner of Rock Your World. When not out treasure hunting on the beach, Joki can be found at her shop, a haven for rockhounds and gemstone enthusiasts, featuring locally found fossils, gems and rocks. Joki and her husband, Mike, craft handmade jewelry and gifts from their beach treasures.

Joki begins each treasure hunt with an orientation at the SW 33rd Street beach access. She then guides participants along the beach, helping them find and identify coastal treasures such as agates, fossils, shells and minerals, explaining the unique coastal geology along the way. Beachcombing Exploriences last about one to two hours. This program is free and registration is not required.

To get to the SW 33rd Street beach access from Highway 101, turn west on SW 35th Street, take a right at SW Anchor Ave, and the access will be on your left-hand side. Parking is available at SW 35th and SW 32nd streets.

Beachcombers should plan on bringing a warm rain jacket, sturdy shoes, gloves and a reusable bag or container to collect their treasures.

Have a detailed question on beachcombing? Contact Joki at 541-351-8423 or

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