Easter is known as a time of surprises (Where did that egg come from? Who moved that rock? etc.) so it is fitting that organizers of one of Lincoln City’s most crowded Easter celebrations have figured out a way for it to go ahead in a time of social distancing.

Normally, the Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt sees hundreds of children gather at Regatta Park, posing for photos with the Easter Bunny before rushing the grassy hillside, looking for colorful eggs that Kiwanians have packed with candy, coins and treats.

It’s over in five minutes — but for many Lincoln City families, those are some of the best five minutes of the year.

After pondering how to approach the event in the shadow of COVID-19, the Kiwanis Club of Lincoln City and the Lincoln City Cultural Center have come together to help parents make those memories and take those photos. This year, the Kiwanians will be helping the community come together, separately, with a DIY Easter Egg Hunt. The event might be virtual, but the candy (and the fun) will be very real.

The Kiwanis Club will provide Easter Egg Hunt Kits filled with plastic eggs, already stuffed with candy, and perhaps a surprise or two, packaged into age-group bags. The kits will be handed out at the Lincoln City Cultural Center starting at 1 pm on Thursday, April 9, at the same time as the Creative Quarantine Art Kit distribution. Adults can pull through, provide the first names and ages of the children who will be hunting, and get their bags curbside and with safe social distancing methods. To sign up, contact Kiwanis Club Secretary Susan Wahlke at susanwahlke@hotmail.com.

The grownups can use those bags to stage their own hunts at home so kids can enjoy the treats and candy. In order to truly honor the tradition, at noon on Saturday, April 11, (the traditional time of the annual Kiwanis countdown at Regatta Park) the Easter Booney (Kiwanis Club President-Elect Boone Marker) will go live on the Lincoln City Cultural Center Facebook page, waving and chatting with viewers. If the technology cooperates, the kids will still hear the countdown at noon.

“We are so sorry that we can’t be together for this year’s Easter Egg hunt,” said Kiwanian Robin Mays, the committee chair for the annual event. “This event isn’t just a gift for the kids — we love it, too. Let’s all enjoy it, in the best way we can.”

Parents are invited to post photos and video of their household hunts on the same Facebook page.

To learn more about the Kiwanis Club of Lincoln City and its programs, go to lincolncitykiwanis.org or follow the club on Facebook @KiwanisClubLincolnCity. To learn more about the cultural center’s Creative Quarantine Project, send a message through the Facebook page or contact Niki Price at 541-921-2006 or lcccdirector@gmail.com.

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