Red flowering currant

A wide range of native plants plus the knowledge needed to make them thrive will be on offer this weekend in Newport as the Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District hosts its annual Native Plant Sale.

The sale offers affordable native trees, flowering shrubs, showy perennials and hearty ground cover for gardeners who want to increase biodiversity, support pollinators, beautify communities and save water. From red flowering currants and nootka rose to western azaleas, broadleaf lupines and Oregon iris, guests can browse more than 50 hard-to-find species under one roof.

“Gardening with native plants allows homeowners to work with species adapted for our region’s unique climate, soils, and wildlife with relatively low water and maintenance needs beyond initial plant establishment,” said the district’s Conservation Program Manager Emily-Bell Dinan, adding: “Native plants in home gardening provide key habitat for countless insects, bees, butterflies, local and migrating birds, amphibians and small mammals by providing animals with nectar, seeds, shelter and habitat structure for creatures big and small.”

In addition to the wide range of plants, the sale will give visitors the chance to chat with the district’s skilled experts to share ideas and provide guidance.

The sale will run from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday Dec. 7, and 9 am to 1 pm, or until supplies run out, on Sunday, Dec. 8, at the Lincoln County Commons, 633 NE 3rd Street, Newport.

For more information, email info@LincolnSWCD.org, call the district office at 541-265-2631.

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