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The Siletz Watershed Council is looking for volunteers to help with a Saturday, April 13, cleanup of the Siletz River that will see helpers working in drift boats as well as walking the riverbanks.

With a river length of 67 miles from its headwaters in the Coast Range to where it meets the Pacific just south of Lincoln City, the Siletz River Watershed supports a range of fisheries and provides drinking water to the cities of Siletz, Toledo, Newport and Seal Rock.

During last year’s cleanup, 25 volunteers in five boats collected more than 1,200 pounds of garbage, ranging from plastic bottles and food containers to larger items like car tires and even car bodies.

“By working with local boat owners, we are able to remove much more trash — and much larger pieces of trash — than would be possible with just land-based coverage,” said Ari Blatt, restoration program assistant for the MidCoast Watersheds Council.

Starting at Hee Hee Illahee Park in Siletz, Saturday’s cleanup will offer free food, prizes and good times from 9 am to 2 pm.

Garbage bags and work gloves will be provided by SOLVE. Registration with coffee and donuts will start a bit before 9 am, and the event will wrap up at 2 pm with a lunch of chili, hot dogs, sodas and other snacks.

Cleanup volunteers will also get to enter a raffle for a chance to win great prizes.

Hee Hee Illahee Park is located at Highway 229 and Gaither Street at the south entrance to Siletz.

Volunteers should bring waterproof boots or waders and dress in layers.

To register, go to http://solveoregon.org and click on the link for “Siletz River Clean Up.”

For more information, contact Evan Hayduk at 541-265-9195 or evan@midcoastwatershedscouncil.org.

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