deck the dock

Lincoln City’s newly renovated Taft Dock will anchor 51st Street with “Deck the Dock,” a holiday light display from Monday, Dec. 2, through January 5.

Deck the Dock gives Lincoln City an attraction highly visible from Highway 101. During the long, winter nights, the dock will act as a beacon, inviting people driving into town to explore the historic Bayfront area.

“What you are seeing is Lincoln City beginning to extend its tourism season into December,” said Ed Dreistadt, Director of Explore Lincoln City. “We helped create two successful October programs with A Tour to Die For and Haunted Taft which have put us on the map for Halloween. Now it’s time to start to build experiences in December with Deck the Dock.”

The lights on Taft Dock are also just the beginning of an ever-expanding array of winter holiday experiences.

“Deck the Dock is a partnership between Lincoln City Parks & Recreation and Explore Lincoln City,” said Jeanne Sprague, Lincoln City Parks & Recreation Director. “We’re already brainstorming how to make it even bigger and better every year.”

The official lighting ceremony, at 4:30 on Monday, Dec. 2, will see Santa Claus formally welcomed into the pantheon of Lincoln City characters. Santa’s Lincoln City helpers, including Pirates, Bigfoot, Pixie Kitchen Pixies, Ghostie and maybe event Abe Lincoln himself, will be there to welcome him into the fold.

Hot chocolate and other surprises will be part of the fun.

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