Keeping the dream clean (copy)

Registration is now open for the 35th annual SOLVE Beach & Riverside Cleanup, which will see Oregonians clean up hundreds of miles of beaches, rivers and city streets on Saturday, Sept. 21, before the fall rains wash litter and debris down waterways and out to sea.

Since 1984, more than 130,000 Beach & Riverside Cleanup volunteers have removed 1.7 million pounds of litter and marine debris from project sites across Oregon. This annual, family-friendly event is part of the International Coastal Cleanup and National Public Lands Day and organized in partnership with the Oregon Lottery.

“Oregonians are proud of where they call home, which is why the SOLVE Beach & Riverside Cleanup has become an Oregon tradition,” said Oregon Lottery Director Barry Pack. “Without this volunteer effort, cigarette butts, plastic, and other trash get washed into storm drains, leading directly to our rivers and streams where they pollute our water, and can be mistaken for food by fish and other wildlife.”

The cleanup efforts are spread across more than 100 hands-on volunteer litter cleanup and restoration events throughout the state, including some 40 beach cleanup sites coastwide.

A full list of cleanup sites is available at To help make the event more sustainable, volunteers are encouraged to bring their own work gloves, bucket, and water bottle to reduce the use of disposable plastic. All instructions and necessary supplies will be provided by project leaders the morning of the event.

“In Oregon, everywhere you look there are reminders of what a special place this is,” Pack said. “Vast ocean beaches, quiet trails, snow-capped vistas that take your breath away, rivers full of fish and fun. You’ll find all of that and so much more in every corner of our state. SOLVE’s annual Beach & Riverside Cleanup gives thousands of Oregonians the opportunity to have a hand in helping to preserve that beauty.”

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