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Oregon’s forward-looking Beach Bill guarantees public ownership of the state’s 363-mile coastline, meaning that, try as you might, you can never own the deed to those precious sands.

But that doesn’t stop you from doing a good deed by adopting a stretch of beach to love and care for as if it were your very own.

SOLVE, in partnership with Oregon State Parks, has launched a new Oregon Adopt-A-Beach program to support ongoing beach cleanups throughout the year. SOLVE is currently seeking groups or individuals interested in serving as volunteer caretaker for their favorite stretch of beach.

“Adopt-A-Beach allows for community members to step up and take care of an area that is special to them” said SOLV Program Coordinator Jon Schmidt. “The Adopt-A-Beach program is an effort to keep beaches clean of litter and marine debris, which threatens coastal communities year-round. Every volunteer cleanup, no matter how big or small, makes a difference.”

Program participants choose their favorite beach, clean their adopted stretch at least three times a year for at least two years, and report their results back to SOLVE.

SOLVE support includes free cleanup supplies, a leader handbook, ongoing project guidance and disposal assistance. All participants will receive a certificate of adoption and recognition on the SOLVE website.

Individuals or groups interested in adopting a beach or volunteering at a scheduled beach cleanup, can contact Schmidt at jon@solveoregon.org or 971-346-2703 or go to solveoregon.org/oregon-adopt-beach.

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