A moment of paws

Mugsy on his home turf

The Newport 60+ Adventure Van will be heading to Tidewater on Tuesday, Oct. 18, for a guided tour of the While Wolf Sanctuary.

Tucked away in the mountains of the Coast Range, the nonprofit provides a permanent home for mistreated or unwanted Arctic wolves and seeks to educate the public about wolves in the wild and their importance to the environment.

Two of the newest additions to the Sanctuary are Baker and Everett, who arrived in May 2015. Other residents include Malina, which means sun goddess in Inuit; Nukka, who loves giving kisses; Archidamus the Timberwolf, who loves to talk at feeding time; Hope, who loves hot dogs; and Tamahawk, also known as Party Girl for her habit of waking everyone up in the morning by running around belting out lively howls.

Tour participants should dress for wet weather, with long pants and closed-toe shoes. Visitors should also forego cologne or perfume to protect the wolves’ sensitive noses and leave the cameras at home because wolves are very sensitive to unfamiliar people holding foreign objects.

The Adventure Van will depart from the Newport 60+ Activity Center at 11 am end return at about 5 pm.

The cost per person is $60, not including lunch at the Salty Dawg in Waldport.

For more information, or to reserve a spot, drop by the center at 20 SE 2nd Street or call 541-265-9617.

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