The much-discussed Green New Deal would be a big deal for the Oregon Coast, and Chuck Willer of the Coast Range Association will explain exactly how big when he visits Lincoln City this Monday, March 16.

For three years Willer has been speaking in Oregon communities about rural timberland ownership, forest management and the land-sea connection on the Oregon Coast. With a deep critique of forestry as practiced by large Wall Street landowners, he outlines the political economic realities that impact rural lives and landscapes.

Willer will provide a lay person’s explanation of climate change with a focus on sea level rise and ocean acidification and their potential impact on coastal communities such as rising home prices and impacted fisheries.

In a presentation titled “Western Oregon in the Era of Climate Change,” Willer will describe how the Green New Deal would apply to the Oregon Coast, highlighting the importance of growing older, carbon-dense forests while protecting the coast’s natural resources. He will speak to the changes required to solve the climate crisis and the good news that rural economic renewal and prosperity is the most likely outcome of a Green New Deal.

Willer has been a leading Oregon grassroots environmental leader for 29 years. As director of the Coast Range Association, he has led numerous research efforts on coastal forestry, watershed conservation and public lands management. His policy advocacy spans the 1994 creation of the Northwest Forest Plan, the 1997 Greatest Permanent Value Rule for state forests, protections for endangered salmon, and forest planning for Western Oregon’s two million acres of federal BLM forests.

Monday’s talk, hosted by the American Association of University Women, will run from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in the Community Room at Driftwood Public Library, located on the second floor at 801 SW Hwy. 101.

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