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It’s no secret that most of the things that make the Oregon Coast a great place to live and play — from green spaces to performance venues to cultural events — run on volunteer power.

And this Saturday’s Community Volunteer Fair in Manzanita will give people the chance to lend a hand to some of the groups that keep the coast ticking.

The fair will feature representatives from groups including the Nehalem Valley Historical Society, Rainy Day Village Network, Hoffman Center For the Arts, Garibaldi Historic U.S. Coast Guard Boathouse, Tillamook K-9 Rescue, City of Manzanita, Hope Chest Thrift Shop, Tillamook Estuaries Partnership, Cape Falcon Marine Reserve, Sammy’s Place, Muttzanita Festival, Lower Nehalem Community Trust, Manzanita Visitors Center, Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay and the Women’s Club of Manzanita/North County.

“No matter what your interests are, there is a local volunteer opportunity here just waiting for you,” said Dan Haag of the Manzanita Visitors Center. “And there’s no better way to get to know this area where there are no strangers — only friends you haven’t met yet!”

The Community Volunteer Fair will run from 10 am to 3 pm on Saturday, Jan. 19, at Pine Grove Community House, 225 Laneda Avenue. For more information, contact the Manzanita Visitors Center at 503-812-5510 or info@exploremanzanita.com.

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