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Brenda Luntzel of the Newport Recreation Center

The Salishan Resort will be shaking in every sense of the word on Tuesday, Sept. 3, when the Oregon Coast Learning Institute kicks off its 16th year with a presentation on the Great Subduction Earthquake and a demonstration of exercise tips for seniors.

OCLI is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization in Lincoln County made up of people who desire to continue to stimulate their intellectual interests in an atmosphere of shared learning. The Sept. 3 kick-off session will start with a free coffee and cookies reception at 9 am, giving visitors, new members and long-standing members the chance to meet.

At 10 am, Sheila Alfsen, president of The Geological Society of the Oregon Country, will share her collection of evidence concerning the long-anticipated Great Subduction Earthquake. Alfsen will present the clues that led geologists to the realization of the hazard potential on the Oregon Coast and how individuals and agencies can be prepared.

After lunch, at 1 pm, fitness specialist Brenda Luntzel of the Newport Recreation Center will present “10 Tips that Can Redefine the Way We Age.” Luntzel, who has more than 30 years of experience in wellness training, will emphasize more than physical fitness and balance by including how people think, feel, act and live as retired adults.

“The key to achieving the ideal life span is to extend our ‘Health Span,’ or the period of life in which we enjoy optimal health,” she said.

Luntzel’s presentation will include some physical activity, so she recommends guests arrive with comfortable shoes and loose-fitting clothing.

The OCLI sessions are at Salishan Resort located east of the traffic light at Gleneden Beach. The fall term starts on September 3 and ends before Thanksgiving. The winter term will start on January 7 and end in late March 2020.

Visitors are always welcome to attend a full day’s presentations for free. The annual membership dues of $90 cover 12 Tuesdays in fall and another 12 in winter.

For more information, go to www.ocli.us or call OCLI President Ric at 541-994-4810 or Membership Chairman Paul at 541-265-8023.

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