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Almost done with your manuscript? Ready to start looking for a publisher? That’s where editor and author Holly Lorincz can help when she appears in Newport this Sunday, May 19, as a guest of the Willamette Writers Coast Chapter.

In a presentation titled “Edit to Sell,” Lorincz will cover topics including deciding if you need an editor and how to find a good one; finding an agent and publisher; and what a query, pitch and proposal should look like.

Recently ranked in Amazon’s top 50 Kindle Biography/Memoir writers, Lorincz has multiple books coming out with St. Martin’s Press, Skyhorse Publishing and Benchmark Press. Her collaborative non-fiction book, “Crown Heights,” has been adapted into a major movie and was one of two books used to launch a publishing imprint within Amazon, called Amazon Original Stories. The other book was “The Sign of the Beast” by Joyce Carol Oates.

Besides being a professional writer, Lorincz previously worked as an agent with MacGregor Literary and has been editing books for more than 20 years. Her edited manuscripts have been picked up by agents and traditional publishers and have won multiple awards. Her specialty is developmental editing for fiction and non-fiction, as well as collaborative writing. Her first novel, “Smart Mouth,” won the national 2014 Bronze IPPY Award in Fiction.

Just to keep life interesting, she and her husband own a high-end whiskey bar in Manzanita and spend their free time freezing to death while watching her son compete in every sport known to man, as long as it’s outside, in the wind and rain.

“Edit to Sell” will start at 2 pm at Newport Public Library, 35 NW Nye Street. The presentation is free and open to all.

Lorincz is also offering private half-hour consultations on fiction and non- fiction manuscripts for $75. If interested, email Lorincz at hollylorincz@gmail.com.

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