Handbells on table ready to perform

A Lincoln City handbell expert is offering people the chance to leap into a new hobby this Leap Day, with an introduction to the art of handbell music on Saturday, Feb. 29.

Georgia Roelof, a handbell ringer and director with 35 years of experience as both a volunteer and a paid professional, will share her passion for this little-known instrument in a hands-on presentation at the Congregational Church of Lincoln City.

Roelof will demonstrate how to learn to ring a bell by hand, on a padded table, in the air or with mallets. The bells come in many different sizes and weights, from half a pound to four and a half pounds.

“They’re quite easy to ring,” Roelof said, “and you don’t need the ability to read music or even have any musical experience to make it happen.”

Participants can also try using hand chimes that are very different from the handbells and look very similar to a large tuning fork.

“Leap Day only comes once every four years,” Roelof said, “so why not do something totally different to celebrate this Leap Year and pick up a handbell? You‘ll be glad you did.”

Saturday’s session will run from 9:30 to 11 am at the Congregational Church of Lincoln City, 2435 NW Oar Place, behind Kenny’s IGA north.

For more information, call Roelof at 914-330-6251.

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