Bamboozled by the buttons on that new camera? Don’t know your aperture from your elbow? Photographer Paul Calkins will bring things into focus with three new classes at the Newport 60+ Activity Center.

The first class, “How to Use Your Digital Camera — The Basics,” will run from Wednesday, Jan. 16, to Feb. 6, showing students how to use the mode dial and camera menus along with the camera icons to take different types of photographs. Calkins will cover basic photographic composition and types of creative uses for taking landscapes, wildlife shots, documenting current events and much more. Students will also learn how to transfer their photographs to a computer. This class includes hands-on camera work and a field trip. Sessions run from 10 am to noon each Wednesday at 20 SE 2nd Street,

Starting on Wednesday, Feb. 13, Calkins will offer “Using Your Digital Camera — Beyond the Basics,” a class designed for people who want to learn more about Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. students will explore the use of Program, Aperture, Shutter Priority and Manual modes. This class will cover f/stops, exposure, shutter speed, white balance and bracketing. Calkins will also cover organization of photographs after a photo shoot. The class will run from 10 am to noon every Wednesday through March 13.

And from March 20 through April 10, Calkins will present “Basic Studio Photography,” a class aimed at challenging students’ skills in photography and teamwork. Participants will learn hands-on basic lighting patterns such as split lighting, Rembrandt and Loop lighting as well as how to use a light tent. The class will run from 10 am to noon each Wednesday.

To sign up for any of the three classes, call 541-265-9617 or drop by the center at 20 SE 2nd Street.

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