Artists at the Lincoln City Glass Center will try their hand at a little glass-tivism this Saturday, Feb. 29, when they hold a 15-year anniversary party benefiting the Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation.

The event will see teams of glass blowers crafting commemorative purple glass floats and competing to create the biggest float ever made on site. Meanwhile, a hot glass sculpting demonstration will give guests the chance to see Lincoln City’s octopus mascot take shape before their very eyes.

Local guitarist Richard Paris will be on hand to perform live music, while Hearth & Table Events will provide light appetizers.

Guests will also have the chance to buy a handmade glass for $25, with all the proceeds going to charity and the receptacle being filled with beer, wine or cider free of charge. Glass buyers will also receive a raffle ticket, giving them a chance to win either the giant float or the octopus sculpture. Extra raffle tickets will be available for sale.

Proceeds from the event will benefit Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation, which shared more than $30,000 with Lincoln County residents battling cancer last year.

“All profits from the raffle, sale of commemorative purple floats and glassware will be donated in loving memory of the family and friends our community has lost over the years,” said center co-owner Kelly Howard. “We hope this is the first of a series of Glass-tivism events this year where we share a drink, enjoy the magic of glassblowing and raise funds for a local cause dear to us.”

The part will run from 4 to 8 pm at the Lincoln City Glass Center, 4821 SW Highway 101.

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