Politics is quickly surpassing horror movies as the scariest thing on TV. So, it is fitting that Haunted Taft has drafted in members of Lincoln City Council to host the chilling ghost tours for a special session on Friday, Oct. 4.

The lantern-lit excursions along the shore of Siletz Bay are packed with encounters that shed new light on ghostly goings on and uncanny occurrences in the historic Taft District.

Tour participants can expect to hear stories about the mysterious Ghost Schooner of Siletz Bay, the spooky goings-on at the Oregon Coast’s oldest continuously operated pub, an eerie local Bigfoot sighting, as well as the spirits of city ordinances that refuse to die, all during a spine-chilling walking tour of Historic Taft.

On the Friday, Oct. 4, tours, guests will meet Dick “Honest Abe” Anderson, Riley “Haunted” Hoagland, Diane “Boo” Kusz, Mitch “Poltergeist” Parsons, Rick “Mysterious” Mark and others who already haunt residents’ dreams via public access television. Who knows, Judy “The Friendly Ghost” Casper might even make an appearance.

As a special thank-you for all the help that Lincoln City businesses and citizens have given in making Haunted Taft a success, anyone with a 97367 zip code can buy tickets for the Friday, Oct. 4, tours at half price. To claim a half-price ticket, email Shellie Stuart at shellie@taftbeach.com.

Haunted Taft will continue throughout October with its regular crew of guides. Tours from Oct. 4 through 13 are walking tours, covering just under a mile of walking on flat, wheelchair-accessible surfaces. Rain ponchos are available to borrow.

For tours from Oct. 18 to 26, guests will travel on a mini-bus provided by Chinook Winds Casino Resort.

Tickets, $10 for kids and $20 for adults, are available at HauntedTaft.com.

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