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The EQ-alizer: Stewart Brannen demonstrates his emotional intelligence to fellow OCCC instructor Alberto Flores

Rainy days are a great time to learn something new. With that in mind, the Small Business Development Center at Oregon Coast Community College is offering a vibrant lineup of classes and workshops for the winter term.

Crank up the EQ

Instructor Stewart Brannen has revamped this popular class to add a leadership-development component.

Brannen, who in his day job serves as the chief executive officer of the Siletz Tribal Business Corporation, said the class is designed to help participants apply a richer understanding to the interplay of human emotions in our daily lives.

“Emotional Intelligence” runs Tuesday evenings from Jan. 8 to 29 at the college’s Lincoln City campus,

Finding out ‘What’s Next’

Professional life coach Jalene Case will offer two classes this winter. In her February class, “What’s Next?” Case sets out to help participants plan for the future — using in-depth visualization tools and then sharpening the focus to create specific action steps.

In March, Case will offer “Getting the Right Work Done,” a workshop designed to help busy people understand how to focus on goals and not get distracted by other seemingly urgent tasks along the way.

Both classes will be offered at the Newport and Lincoln City campuses.

Real Estate

This 10-week Real Estate Broker’s Exam prep course is designed to keep students on task with quizzes and group discussion in preparation for the Oregon broker’s exam, which participants can take as early as Spring Break.

The class will be held on Tuesday evenings starting on Jan. 15, at the Lincoln City campus.


Facebook might grab the headlines, but Instagram is where all the cool kids are — according to recent market research.

On March 11, at the college’s Waldport campus, social media guru Misty Lambrecht will walk students through the Instagram app and explain how it can become an important part of any marketing mix.

Oregon Saves

These free workshops offer an introduction to the new OregonSaves program, which gives employees of small businesses the chance to build a nest egg for retirement.The program is scheduled to roll out in phases to all Oregon employers through 2020.

The workshops will take place in Lincoln City and Newport on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

For more information, go to www.oregoncoastbusiness.com or call 541-994-4166.

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