Waves at Depoe Bay (copy)

The Depoe Bay Chamber of Commerce has launched a fund-raising campaign to support local businesses and non-profit organizations impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

“Though on the surface, there seems to be financial support in the pipeline, many local organizations and individuals either haven’t yet received any funds and/or don’t qualify for federal or state support,” said Chamber Executive Director Laura Furgurson. “Unfortunately, many economic experts predict at least 30 percent of small businesses will not make it through this current crisis. As the Depoe Bay Community, we simply can’t let that happen to these hard-working and dedicated individuals and organizations.”

“Though many locals are unemployed and/or financially stretched, we know that overall as a community we can support this critical effort,” she added. “In fact, the small town of Yachats raised over $150,000 in just a couple of months. Some have given $5-$25, while others have donated their stimulus checks. Every little bit helps!”

Donations to support local Depoe Bay area organizations can be made at DiscoverDepoeBay.org by clicking the “donate” button at the top right of the home screen. Or send a check to Depoe Bay Community Fund at PO Box 21 Depoe Bay, Oregon, 97341.

After the chamber has estimated the amount of donations received, it will begin accepting simple and quick applications to distribute the funds directly to local businesses and non-profits. Details for how to apply will be posted at www.discoverdepoebay.org.

Distribution of funds will be approved by a vote of a committee of five individuals including two current chamber board members, two community members appointed by the board, and the chamber’s executive director. Since the Chamber is a 501©6 non-profit, at this time, contributions are not tax-deductible, but the chamber is working to make that possible in the near future.

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