The Bay City Arts Center is inviting kids aged two to 18 to keep their creative juices flowing while school is out by taking part in the COVID-19 Art Initiative Project, a series of themed art challenges.

Art submissions can include physical art pieces in any medium, writings including plays, poems, songs, stories and video creations.

Submissions will be featured in a variety of outlets including Facebook, website, on the KAYN radio station and at the BCAC facility in Bay City. Entries will also be reproduced in a book format following the project to serve as an artistic documentary of this historic time in our lives. There will also be a weekly drawing for Fred Meyer gift cards.

Week of April 13: “A Day in Detail”What are you doing each day? In the world, life is changing rapidly with new information, rules and orders about safety, business closures and updates on the state of the world. Let’s slow it down a bit and focus this week on your daily routines. With school closures keeping many kids home, how have you set up your own daily routine and structure? Tell us about it.

Week of April 20: “Elder Look Back”We are making history today, but we are not the first. This week, check in with someone who is considered an elder (aged 55 or more) and speak with them about a historic moment or period in time that they experienced when growing up. How was their experience similar to yours? How was it different? Try to capture a lot of details including the who, what, when, where and why.

Week of April 27: “What’s in the Cupboard?”With social distancing limiting trips to stores, what are you cooking up in your household? What have you found in your closets, cupboards and drawers around the house to creatively cook, use when creating art projects and provide daily entertainment? What are you missing that you wish you could go out and buy?

Week of May 4: “This is the Way We Roll”We all know that toilet paper is at a drastic shortage on the store shelves… but we guess there are a ton of empty toilet paper rolls at home. What can you create with toilet paper rolls? Let your imagination take flight this week.

Week of May 11: “Strolling Around the Block”It’s time to get outside, get some exercise and investigate your neighborhood. This week take a walk, run or bike ride around your block and create art to tell us what you see and experience.

Week of May 18: “Hero Spotlight”Gearing up for Memorial Day in celebration of the heroes that have worked to move our world forward, this week learn something new about a hero of your choice (living or dead, famous or not). Tell us the name of your hero, why you chose them and interesting facts about why you see them as a hero.

Week of May 25: “President for a Day”For the final week of this project think about what it takes to lead a country during one of the most historic times of our lives. If you were president for a day, what would you say to your country during this historic time? What rules would you want to put in place and how would you inspire your country to unite together and get through this tough time?

All participants aged two to 18 are eligible to enter weekly drawings to win a $5 gift certificate to Fred Meyer. There will be four drawings weekly; one for each of the Tillamook School District areas and one for-out-of-county submissions. Kids are eligible to enter the drawing regardless of school enrollment status.

Participants should submit artwork for each week’s theme by Friday. Prize drawings will take place over the weekend, with winners announced online the following Monday. Early submissions are welcome and encouraged.

While you can submit up to eight art entries per theme, each participant’s name will only be entered into the drawing one time per week.

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