Be part of a large-scale effort

An example of clipped (top) and unclipped Coho smolts

Fish-friendly volunteers are being sought to lend a hand at the Salmon River Hatchery near Lincoln City this fall, with shifts starting Monday, Oct. 1.

Operated by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the hatchery releases 200,000 adipose-marked and tagged fall chinook salmon smolts each year to support recreational and commercial fishing as well as provide information for the Pacific Salmon Treaty.

In 2017, volunteers helped process or pass 2,023 chinook, 480 Coho, six chum and four summer steelhead as well as distributing 14,562 pounds of chinook salmon to nine Oregon food share organizations.

Fall chinook from the Salmon River Hatchery are the indicator stock to estimate the exploitation rate for all fall chinook on the North Oregon Coast. The recoveries of these fish in the commercial and sport fisheries in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon, along with recoveries at the hatchery and on the spawning grounds, are used to represent the harvest rate of Oregon’s coastal fall Chinook in these fisheries.

The Salmon River Hatchery is located at 575 N. North Bank Road. Otis. Hatchery supervisor Michelle Viss can be reached at 541-994-8606.

For more information, or to sign-up for a volunteer shift, go to For questions, contact Christine Clapp at or 541-961-6386.

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