Organizers of the Cape Perpetua Land-Sea Symposium have announced that acclaimed marine biologist Bruce Menge will deliver the keynote address when the conference celebrates its seventh year on Thursday, Nov. 21, in Yachats.

Menge is the Gladys Valley Endowed Professor of Marine Biology in the Department of Integrative Biology at Oregon State University. He is a lead and founding PI for PISCO and OMEGAS, the Ocean Margin Ecosystem Group for Acidification Studies, a similar consortium of scientists studying the impacts of ocean acidification.

Established in 1999, PISCO is a long-term scientific program led by scientists from four core campuses: Oregon State University; Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station; University of California, Santa Cruz; and University of California, Santa Barbara.

During his presentation, Menge will share what PISCO has learned about how intertidal and subtidal ecological communities have responded to climate and anthropogenic changes, their role in communicating relevant knowledge to policymakers and managers, and PISCO’s work in training new generations of students at the interface between science and management. Menge will touch on sea star wasting and recovery, and the importance of long-term research for marine reserve design.

The Land-Sea Symposium is a community event aimed at promoting local stewardship efforts and raising awareness about current research being conducted within the Cape Perpetua nearshore and adjacent watersheds. The event is sponsored by the Cape Perpetua Collaborative. CoastWatch, along with many other organizations engaged in monitoring and protecting the environment of the cape, its offshore marine reserve, and its surrounding forests and watersheds, participates each year.

Additional presentations include “Demographics in Oregon State Parks,” “Rocky Shores Update” and lightning rounds on Oregon’s Black Oystercatcher Project, marbled murrelet, sea otters and Gray whales.

Refreshments will be served and guests will have an opportunity to visit themed tables and explore volunteer opportunities in research, recreation, citizen science, education and outreach in the Cape Perpetua marine reserve.

The Cape Perpetua Land-Sea Symposium, which is free and open to all, will run from 5 to 8:30 pm at the Yachats Commons, 441 Hwy. 101 N.

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