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Toledo Public Library has unveiled its new Summer Reading Program, specially tailored to offer readers of all ages the chance to expand their horizons in an age of social distancing.

For many years, the program has encouraged children, teens and adults alike to read for pleasure over the summer months. Traditionally, this has included tracking reading to earn prizes; and weekly shows from storytellers, puppet shows, educators and a host of other performers. This year, COVID-19 has presented a challenge for this programming, but the library staff has been hard at work devising innovative and creative new ideas for Summer Reading Club 2020.

The all-ages program, themed “Imagine Your Story,” offers elements including The Great Gran Plan Tic-Tac-Toe, The Singing Rock Book Club, podcast reviews, creative writing opportunities and more.

The Great Gran Plan will also be featured in a story trail along Main Street, while The Singing Rock graphic novel stories will be featured in the library windows for additional participation.

To register, go to Registration materials will also be available at school meal delivery bus stops, and outside of JC Thriftway on select days. If none of these options work, give the library a call and staff can get you signed up over the phone.

For more information, call 541-336-3132 between 10 am and 2 pm Monday to Friday or email

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This is it? The country that put a man on the moon? We continue with this foolish "social distancing" (a term that is perjorative in India with a caste system).

So, as a writer, who has a brand new book published (Feb. 2020), I can't rely on the libraries in this county to help me reschedule readings? There are bloody parking lots at all the libraries where I was set to talk and read from my new short story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam. I have my own sun shade, and I have chairs I can squirt with a bleach blend.

This "lockdown" mentality has to stop, or the entire ranch will be sold in a fire sale. Young people are not the vulnerable groups that should be social distancing or more. And, we have some of the best air on the planet, thanks to Pacific Ocean trade winds and no ports with burping container ships. The air outside is safe, do not let anyone say differently.

Some of us against this draconian lockdown and threadbare response to testing, absent supply line for the vulnerable with food and medical advice, etc., are NOT libertarians yammering about making money is the only option.

Some of us are not Trumpies, for sure. Some of us have been, however, in this game against authoritarianism, against corporate overreach, against the war economy that props up USA. Some of us have advocated for universal health care, universal public-supported higher education, free clinics in every neighborhood, libraries with longer hours and more staffs.

So, please, don't paint me and my ilk with those broad-brush strokes from Mainstream Mush Media or Fox-un-News.

This Zoom addiction and this continuation of fear fear fear have to stop, or the lock-down mentality will just seep deeper into the colonized minds of Americans who were already on their way toward either looking up to a fascist president or complying to the dismal Wall Street democrats.

Imagine, next week, I have been informed, there are several meetings in Lincoln County with a few speakers and one or two presentations and they will be on Zoom? Environmental groups, no less! My god, we have beaches and parks now open. Parking lots. Air, sun, breezes, and if we can't muster getting our butts out there, on a camping chair, even with a vanity mask donned and this so-called virus distancing observed, then the ranch has already been sold down he river.

Inform yourselves, please; Here's a start from an amazing MD,


Professor Sunetra Gupta was one of the first scientists to publicly criticise the now widely-discredited Imperial Model. Her team’s work at Oxford suggested both that the coronavirus had been in the country much earlier than expected, and that consequently the infection fatality rate was far lower than either WHO or Imperial College had estimated. (She also appeared in our second list of experts coming out against the coronavirus hysteria).

In a wide-ranging interview with‘s Freddie Sayer, Prof Gupta talks antibodies, R0 numbers and much more.

Here are a few choice quotes:

“Different countries have had different lockdown policies, and yet what we’ve observed is almost a uniform pattern of behaviour”

“Infection Fatality Rate is less than 1 in 1000 and probably closer to 1 in 10,000.”

“Remaining in a state of lockdown is extremely dangerous”

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