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“Sparky the Wish Guardian” by Heidi Erickson

The five finalists in the running to create a major new piece of public art in Lincoln City will present their visions in a public forum on Friday, Feb. 28.

The five, selected by the Public Arts Committee, will each give a presentation on their past work and share their visions for a large-scale art installation to be built as part of the renovation of the Lincoln City Cultural Center’s plaza.

As part of the Public Art Master Plan approved by city council, the Public Arts Committee was given the task of recommending an artist to build a large scale art installation in Lincoln City. The committee issued an RFQ Call For Artists and received multiple proposals. Members narrowed the list to five finalists, Pete Beeman, Hilary Pfiefer, Heidi Erickson, Bill and Karma Simmons, and Adrienne Peck from Rohleder Borges. These five talented artists will each have an opportunity to share photos of previous art installations and talk about their vision for this project. They will then be available to answer questions from the public. Comment cards will be available for the public to fill out and light refreshments will be provided.

After the forum and interviews, the committee will narrow the list to one recommendation, which they will present to city council for approval.

The forum will run from 5 to 7 pm in the Council Chambers at Lincoln City Hall, located on the third floor at 801 SW Hwy. 101.

For more information, contact Liz Francis at 541-996-1272 or at lfrancis@lincolncity.org.

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