The announcement that Chinook Winds Casino Resort is extending its closure until at least April 15 is the latest indication that the impacts of COVID-19 on the Oregon Coast economy will be significant and sustained.

We felt those impacts here at TODAY Towers last week, when our parent company, EO Media Group, laid off 18 percent of its workforce in response to plummeting advertising revenues across the state.

Businesses of all kinds have had to think creatively in order to rebuild their operations on the fly and keep revenue coming through the door wherever possible. Whether it’s the movie theater offering curbside popcorn pick-up or the restaurant devising a meal subscription service, businesses on the Oregon Coast have risen to the occasion.

We are doing our part to help our local businesses survive, waiving the cost of advertising for our bar, restaurant and some event-venue clients for the duration of the Governor’s shutdown order. In a time of unprecedented social and economic challenges, our response has to be more than just trying to sell people an ad.

To that end, we are proud to partner with Northwest Oregon Works to put money directly into the cash registers of local businesses through our Lockdown Lowdown program. This series of contests offers take-out and gift certificates as prizes, while giving businesses the chance to shine a spotlight on how they are adapting to life in the shadow of COVID-19. We create the contests, Northwest Oregon Works pays for the prizes and everybody wins. Check our Facebook page for online contests and turn to page 5 to see one in print.

Our advertisers have made it possible for us to create a fun, vibrant publication for the past 15 years and offer it free to anyone who wants to see what the Oregon Coast has to offer. We are committed to being here for them as we go through these turbulent times together.

And we are hoping that you will be here for us. We’ve never charged for the Oregon Coast TODAY and we never will. But those who are able to support us in our mission can make contributions online at Hey, you’ve got to spend that $1,200 on something…

Thank you for your support.

Patrick Alexander

editor & publisher

Oregon Coast TODAY

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Ahh, great sentiments. As you know, these economic outfalls will bode challenging on so many levels, Patrick. Layoffs reverberate big time. Millions have lost their jobs with no safety nets. I understand the vision of Oregon Coast Today - to promote the hospitality industry and celebrate the arts. I do believe artists - I count myself as one - have a larger roll in defining the problems at hand and the solutions in order to be part of our collective communty. The common good in this country's mishandling of both the medical and economic repercussions of CV-19 is not being respected or addressed. We need participants in democracy. We can't lick down our universal belief in good and in continuing to build a sound society for and by the people.

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