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I fell into conversation with the older gentleman after asking to pet his dog, as I do. We were at the start of a trail race, his first ever and something he’d long wanted to do but was unable to until he was matched with a particular type of companion; a PTSD service dog. Read more

"A lot of students who have been really good at science and English have always been told they are sort of odd or that they don't fit. But the truth is they fit better than anybody else. They understand there is no division between science and the humanities because they're both deeply human… Read more

If you remember learning how a bill becomes a law by rooting for a sad little animated roll of paper named Bill, who just really wanted to get off of Capitol Hill, or learned the grammar rules of “if,” “but” and “and” by singing “Conjunction Junction,” you grew up with Schoolhouse Rock as pa… Read more

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