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“Social capital provides the glue which facilitates co-operation, exchange and innovation.” Read more

Though some are more complicated than others, every person in the US has a story and I was grateful when Joel Lorenzo agreed to tell me his. I met him shortly after he’d been chosen to be the keynote speaker for the 2018 graduating class from Oregon Coast Community College’s GED program. Read more

“New information breakthroughs for me are exhilarating. Working with all that whale data is like looking into the dark with a flashlight. It’s work that is able to contribute new information to the field.” — OSU Whale Researcher, Daniel Palacios Read more

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(Written under the influence of Wagner’s “Gottedammerung,” a wet November wind, and 400 milligrams of Advil PM) Read more

I hadn’t meant to make Jill Morris cry. But when I went into her business, Jillian’s Hair Salon, to talk about her annual fundraising and supplies drive to support dog rescues, I did just that when I showed her a picture I took of her last year with her beloved dog Rocky, who passed away ear… Read more

Facts about orcas abound in Colleen Weiler’s brain, because her role is to lead policy research and engagement around what we call the Southern Resident Orcas (SROs). Read more

If the best way to become a big part of a small town is to dive headfirst into volunteer opportunities, Donna Morris operates at an Olympic level. Read more

One big dude, former Emo, ex-football player, advocate for LGBTQ peers and anti-bullying leader, or just known as Nicholas Grant-Grierson. Read more

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