Manzanita’s Hoffman Center for the Arts will be serving up art with a difference this Saturday, Dec. 8, when it unveils the Hoffman Plate Invitational.

The exhibit features plates created by 11 North Coast potters and decorated by 21 of the area’s painters, many of whom have had their works featured in galleries throughout the Northwest and across the US.

The show opens on Friday, Dec. 7, and an artists’ reception will be held on Saturday, Dec. 8, from 1 to 4 pm at 594 Laneda Avenue.

Potters featured in the project include Allan Olson, Sharon Gibson, Steven Gibson, Stacy Nuttall, Barbara Temple Ayres, Donna Miller, Carl Vandervoort, Shane Sjogren, Kathleen Larson, Kathleen Kanas, John Zogg and Mary Roberts.

The painters include Deborah Dewit, Ben Rosenberg, Laura Ross-Paul, Liza Jones, Paul Miller, Levering Thomas, Pam Greene, Matthew Dennison, Mary Jo Anderson, Rae Mahaffey, Lori Dillon, Sherrie Wolf, Peggy Biskar, Mardy Widman, Barbara Temple Ayres, Bonnie Kost, Sharon Gibson, Melissa Young, Lloyd Lindley II, Toni Greening and Tom Ayres.

The plates were organized, finished and fired by volunteers in the Hoffman Clay program and the show was curated by Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson, past president of the Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland.

Everyone involved in creating these one-of-a-kind plates volunteered their time and talents.

The show runs through Sunday, Dec. 30, available to view from 1 to 4 pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Bids can be placed on pieces displayed in the gallery throughout the month, and there will also be a “buy now” price. All proceeds from the sale will help fund much-needed improvements to the Hoffman Center’s restroom and kitchenette areas.

The December gallery show will also include black and white “New Year’s Day” photos of Twin Rocks Beach by Robbie McClaran, whose works have been shown in museums across the US, including the Portland Art Museum. His book will also be available for purchase at the gallery.

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