The JaSkaMon Music Project will lead a three-band lineup at The Spotlight in Lincoln City this Saturday, Nov. 24, as they launch their sixth album of pop reggae tunes titled “Could-a, Should-a, Would-a.”

Bandleader Barry Klusman said the gig could mark the end of an era for the group.

“The album concept is becoming a thing of the past in the market place as the public is more and more paying for music on a song-to-song basis online. We may end up following the trend.”

For now though it’s business as usual as JaSkaMon has produced a new album of 10 tunes that invite listeners to ponder life’s choices while grooving to the Caribbean beats of reggae, ska and soca.

“I’m very pleased with how this collection turned out,” Klusman said. “The production was polished over the course of a year and we took our time experimenting with different unique ideas, including combining ska with country and techno. Two of the tunes were collaborations of writing with two different friends who have passed on, so that’s special.”

JaSkaMon will perform as a full eight-piece band at the event in order to recreate the sound of the album.

Guests at the gig can also enjoy opening sets from the Groovebirds, who perform lyric-based alternative soft rock influenced by the sounds of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s; as well as alternative rock and soul from accomplished loop artist Saundra Perrin.

Saturday’s concert will start at 7 pm at The Spotlight, a new venue located in the former Blockbuster premises at 4157 NW Hwy. 101.

Tickets, $10, which also includes a copy of the JaSkaMon album, are available from the 60’s Café at 4157 NW Hwy. 101, or the ZuhG Life Surf Shop at 3219 SW Hwy. 101.

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