Author Jan Boal will discuss ways to overcome the obstacles that block creativity when she appears as the guest speaker at Willamette Writers’ Coast Chapter this Sunday, March 17.

“Taking flight symbolizes risk, joy, freedom, the creative leap,” Boal said, “but does your fear hinder this creative launch? What is it that you want, that you are willing to take risks for? Do you listen to your own intuition?”

Boal followed her own intuition when she set off on the worldwide journey on which her book “Safari for the Soul” is based. She embarked on a spiritual and environmental journey, studying endangered animals, including jaguars in the remote areas of Brazil, dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea around Greece and black rhinos in the bush-covered plains of Kenya. She trekked through the impenetrable forest of Uganda to observe silverback gorillas. Heartbreaking and at times perilous expeditions enhanced her inner strength and intuition and led to her initiation as a Maasai warrior.

“My writing is personal,” Boal said. “I tell my stories from my experience, from my heart and through the lens of not just my eyes but my spiritual self. I’m presently compiling ideas for another book. I love to hear others’ stories, their personal journeys, and then relate them to our lives and our country/globe as a whole.”

Boal is a registered nurse who has specialized in psychiatry for the past 20 years. She is an inspirational speaker and the founder and facilitator of “Lose the fear...Follow the Signs,” which offers workshops on fear and its falsehoods and finding inner peace. She also facilitates “Jubilations for the Journey,” personal recognition celebrations for ceremonial tribute, rites of passage, life-changing events and supportive intervention.

Sunday’s workshop, which is free and open to all, starts at 2 pm at the Newport Public Library, 35 NW Nye Street.

For more information about the coast chapter of Willamette Writers, go to http://willamettewriters.com/coast.

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