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There’s more than one way to tell a story; and at the Sunday, April 14, meeting of the Willamette Writers’ Coast Chapter, John Dover will share his.

Dover, creator and writer of the Johnny Scotch series of books and short stories, will discuss how he fuses music, comic books and other media to reach a wide range of readers.

Dover has built his “jazz noir” world from the music he is immersed in on a daily basis and from his travels across the United States as a professional musician. He continues to build the “Johnny Scotch” library through short stories and his comic book collaboration with illustrator and story board artist Dan Schaefer. Dover’s musical world and his writing world also collide with the “Johnny Scotch Vignettes,” a series of musical pieces written by Thomas Barber that incorporate high-energy fusion with the spoken word.

Since his release of the fourth and final installment in the Johnny Scotch comic book series and releasing his second Johnny Scotch novella, Dover has begun work on his first full-length novel, based on two short stories he wrote for “Tales from the Braided Pony.” He also continues to perform and teach as a clinician for Bach trumpets.

Outside of the Johnny Scotch world, Dover has published short stories in the horror genre in “Tales from the Braided Pony,” “Monsters ‘N’ Things,” “100 Word Horrors,” “Carnival Tales” and the upcoming “Tenebrous Tales.” He has also been a regular contributor to Mythmachine.com as an entertainment writer.

“Creating an interesting story is only part of the process,” Dover said. “The larger job is finding your audience and delivering your vision to the broadest possible spectrum of readers. Sometimes that means re-imagining what your story is.”

The free workshop will start at 2 pm at Newport Public Library, 35 NW Nye Street.

For more information about Willamette Writers’ Coast Chapter, go to http://willamettewriters.com/coast.

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