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Oregon Coast mystery author Ron Lovell will take time off from “who done it” to show “how he does it” this Sunday, Nov. 17, when he offers tips at the Willamette Writers coast chapter meeting in Newport.

Lovell, author of the Thomas Martindale and Lorenzo Madrid mystery series, will go step-by-step through his mystery-writing process as well as discussing book publishing and marketing.

Lovell was a journalism professor at Oregon State University for 24 years. Before that, he was a magazine writer with Business Week in Denver, Medical World News in New York and the McGraw-Hill News Service in Los Angeles and Houston. He is the author of 14 textbooks on journalism and hundreds of articles.

He now writes mystery novels about Thomas Martindale, a college professor who solves crimes on the side. The books take place either on the Oregon Coast or on a campus that strongly resembles OSU. Titles in the series include “Murder at Yaquina Head,” “Dead Whales Tell No Tales,””Murder in E-flat Major,” “Murder in the Steens” and “Murder Times Two.”

Several years ago, he began publishing a new series, the Lorenzo Madrid Mysteries, about a Mexican attorney who specializes in immigration law in Oregon. Titles in that series include “Danger in Unlikely Places,” “A Dangerous Assignment,” “Danger by the Sea” and “Dangerous Decisiones.”

“I can’t imagine living in the world without the ability to write and to read,” Lovell says. “I can’t remember when or how I learned to read but that, and a compulsion to write, have propelled me through life. The teacher in me wants to help others learn to read. When they do, their lives will be so much richer and more meaningful.”

Sunday’s workshop, which is free and open to all, will run from 2 to 4 pm at the Newport Public Library, 35 NW Nye Street.

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