Acclaimed bluegrass quintet John Reischman and the Jaybirds will perform at the Lincoln City Cultural Center on Saturday, Jan. 25, as part of a promotional tour for its new album, “On That Other Green Shore.”

Led by mandolinist and composer John Reischman, the group fashions its own stylish take on bluegrass, one that seamlessly blends original songs and instrumentals with Appalachian old-time music for a distinct and unforgettable sound.

Bluegrass Unlimited calls Reischman “one of the world’s undisputed masters” of the mandolin, famed for outstanding tone and taste. Many of his dozens of original instrumentals have become popular favorites for sessions and covers, such as the jam standard “Saltspring.” He has three critically acclaimed solo instrumental albums and has recorded on many other projects, including the Grammy-winning “True Life Blues: The Songs of Bill Monroe.”

Reischman began his career in the San Francisco Bay area in the early ’80s with the eclectic Good Ol’ Persons bluegrass band. He was an original member of the legendary “new acoustic” quartet, the jazz-influenced Tony Rice Unit, renowned for highly skilled instrumentals. He moved to Vancouver in the early ’90s and formed the Jaybirds in 1999.

Guitarist Patrick Sauber joined the Jaybirds in 2017. The veteran performer has played alongside artists including Doc Watson, Richard Greene and John Fogerty. He played on the 2016 Grammy-nominated album “The Hazel and Alice Sessions” by Laurie Lewis and appeared in the film “A Mighty Wind” with Christopher Guest.

Vocalist Trisha Gagnon brings a strong and distinctive style that Sing Out! magazine described as ranging from “mournful and plaintive” to “hopeful and yearning.” Gagnon anchors what Dirty Linen magazine calls “gorgeous three-part harmonies.”

Nick Hornbuckle has developed his own voice on the five-string banjo — a two-finger roll unlike other contemporary banjo players. Hornbuckle is a composer who also digs for rare old-time gems. His solo album “12×2 (+/-1)” was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2015.

Greg Spatz has been hailed as a “world-class bluegrass fiddler” by Fiddler Magazine, while Audiophile Audition says his “virtuosic playing is flawlessly delivered time after time.” His strong chops have made him a popular fixture down through the years on the West Coast, where he has played with iconic mandolinist Frank Wakefield, resophonic guitar master Rob Ickes and many others including Laurie Lewis, Bryan Bowers and Cahalen Morrison.

Reserved table seating tickets for Saturday’s show are $25 for adults, $23 seniors and students, and $10 for kids aged 18 and under. Tickets are on sale at the center box office and online at www.lincolncity-culturalcenter.org. Or, call the center at 541-994-9994. Doors will open at 6:30 pm with the music starting at 7 pm.

For details, go to www.lincolncity-culturalcenter.org, or call 541-994-9994.

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