Happy banner-versary

Newport will mark an important milestone for one of the town’s most creative community arts projects this Friday, Nov. 2, with the opening of “10 X 10: A Decade of the Nye Beach Banner Project.”

The exhibit will open with a public reception from 5 to 7 pm at the Newport Visual Arts Center, featuring a brief presentation at 6:15 pm.

A project of the Nye Beach Merchants Association, the Nye Beach Banner Project encourages local artists to paint images inspired by the area on to double-sided canvas banners, which are then hung on light posts throughout the neighborhood from spring to fall. In November of each year, the banners are sold at auction, with proceeds funding youth arts programs through Oregon Coast Council for the Arts at the Newport Visual Arts Center. All work is donated by the participating artists.

The new exhibit features 10 banners, chosen to reflect the contributions of more than 146 artists who have been involved with the project since its inception in 2008.

Artists featured in the exhibit include Robin Beckwith, Linda Briggs, Graece Gabriel, Eileen Hearne, Julie Lamberson, Luke Lamont, Jennifer Larsen, Amy Pattison, Anita Tanner and Frances Van Wert. Other banners will hang in memory of Rick Bartow, Lynn Bishop, Chad Buckingham and Andrew Rodman.

“Over the years, these 10 living artists have been consistently involved in the Nye Beach Banner Auction,” said project founder Veronica Willemin. “We honor and thank every artist involved through this special exhibition of work appearing on the streets of Nye Beach throughout the last decade.”

“Ten years is a successful run for any project,” says Oregon Coast Council for the Arts director Tom Webb. “And by all indications, the project will continue for another 10 years, gaining momentum and emulation along the way.”

“10 X 10” will run through Nov. 24, available to view from noon to 4 pm, Tuesday through Saturday in the Upstairs Gallery at the Newport Visual Arts Center, 777 NW Beach Drive.

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