Full Marx, in Manzanita

The R.J. Marx Quartet will return to Manzanita for another evening of classic jazz this Saturday, Nov. 10, following up on their full house concert last year.

The foursome, featuring tenor saxophonist R.J. Marx, guitarist John Orr, drummer Dave Gager and bass player Joe Church, delivers music described as buoyant, danceable, festive, lively and swingin’. The band is noted for its tight swing arrangements inspired by Sonny Rollins, Charlie Parker, Wes Montgomery and many more.

The evening’s playlist will include some of the most challenging and rarely-performed compositions from the major jazz composers of the 1940s to 1970s, as well as an array of traditional favorites.

R.J. Marx studied jazz in Chicago and New York City before attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. He was a founding member of the Katonah Studio Jazz Band, which played regularly at venues throughout the New York City region and were selected for the prestigious Long Island Jazz WinterFest in 2013. Marx moved to the Oregon Coast in 2015, forming the R.J. Marx Quartet soon after.

Guitarist John Orr plays the pedal steel and lap steel guitars as well as playing dobro and guitar across many styles. His vocal influences include The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Mose Allison and Louis Prima, while his guitar style is influenced by Django Reinhardt and Barney Kessel.

Drummer Dave Gager has recorded and performed with a host of regional, national and world-class musicians since the early ’80s, dividing his time between studio sessions and touring, before settling with his family on the North Oregon Coast in 2001. He continues to provide recorded drum tracks from his home recording studio, and has gained a reputation as an in-demand session player for musicians and bands of every genre worldwide.

Bassist Joe Church started playing guitar the age of 16 and by 18 switched over to bass. Taking up residence in Hawaii allowed him to hone various other musical skills, including lap steel, flute and sax, ukulele, fretless electric bass, as well as sharpening his acoustic guitar abilities. A summer in Montana allowed him to explore his talents on mandolin and banjo.

Saturday’s concert will start at 7 pm at the Hoffman Center for the Arts, 594 Laneda Avenue.

Admission is $10 on the door.

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