"Roost: The Crows of Downtown Portland"

“Roost: The Crows of Downtown Portland”

If the thought of concentrating for three long hours to get through “The Irishman” on Netflix gives you an anxiety attack, Manzanita’s Hoffman Center for the Arts has the answer.

This Friday, Jan. 24, the center will screen “PDX Short Docs-Films on Tap,” a set of 16 short documentaries produced by independent Oregon filmmakers.

The collection is curated by Todd Baize Productions; and Baize will be on hand to share his insights after the screening

The films to be shown are: “Roost: The Crows of Downtown Portland” by Irene Tejaratchi Hess; “GreenBox” by Tiara Darnell; “Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Water Rescue High-Angle Rope Training” by Jeff Collett; “Hypebeast Geppetto” by Jin Ryu; “Loud ‘n’ Lit: Pedalpalooza 2019” by Audreality; “The Michelle Experience” by Jason Rosenblatt; “Calo Mesa – The Making of an Album” by Jon Meyer; “The Last Shot” by Logan Reynolds; “One Magnificent Maple” by Todd Baize; “River Gold” by Brady Holde; “Jai Ho!” by Ann Powers; “Agape Means Love” by Outside the Frame; “Canine Companions” by Zach Putnam; “Beautiful Lives Lost Portrait Project” by Mary Anne Funk; “The Fifth Lesson” by Lathen Gorbett; and “Speaking Out!” by Rose Madrone.

The program runs about 109 minutes and starts at 7:30 pm at 594 Laneda Avenue, with doors opening at 7 pm. Admission is $7 at the door.

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